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I work at OnTheGosystems – creators of WPML and Toolset plugins.

During WPML website redesign I worked in close cooperation with Senior UX Designer, UI Designer, Business and Marketing Representatives. 

This was user-driven innovation based on qualitative and quantitative research combined with expert knowledge of UX and UI designers. Thanks to this step we noted increase in sales and higher trust to the brand.

Design Challenge

The old design worked in terms of sales but it looked outdated and insights from the research clearly showed that people are less likely to trust a product that does not look modern. The second main problem was visibility and quality of marketing/information materials – people did no see them. And the third big problem was a very old codebase which made the site very hard to maintain and innovate.

The design challenge was to make the website more visually appealing, create sales funnels for not 100% convinced clients – by making marketing materials more visible and clear and do not break currently existing sales funnels that worked very well. Additionally, for this all, we needed to refactor the entire site, so that it is easy to innovate in the future.

My Role in the Project

My role in this project was UX research, consultations on the new UI designs, front-end implementation of the desktop design and coming up with mobile, responsive version of the website.

This was a long re-design process started with legacy code. Lots of cleaning-up and making every element consistent with the new design, with a special care to be backwards compatible with older parts of the website. It was a step by step deployment process followed by deep analysis of sales funnels effectiveness and visitors opinions and engagement.

Re-design Outcome

I am especially proud of the fact that after this re-design WPML website became not only prettier and more modern, but also much more modular and open for ongoing innovation. I got rid of technical debt there and today we can rearrange and add new things without even a shade of concern that it would break some other parts of the website.

  • Front-End Implementation
  • Legacy code
  • Re-design deployment
  • UX Consultation
  • WordPress

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