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I completed a postgraduate university studies: User Experience Design. During this 1-year course I went through a complete model process of creating a solution that is fully driven by the user needs and business purposes. The entire process was supervised by one of the best UX Designers in the country.

Design Challenge

Create a low budget educational solution for high school and/or university students.

We were divided into 5 people teams and started with discovering people’s needs. We performed desk research, which helped us discover what might be the educational problem that we would like solve with our product.

Having a brief idea of today’s students lives we found a focus group and held UX interviews to get to know what pains and daily tasks today’s university students have in their educational lives. 

The biggest surprise

The biggest surprise was: how little they use modern technology in learning process. They are rather reluctant to installing new apps or using their mobile phones in education process.

One thing kept going back like a boomerang: too little practice in comparison to theory from books. It seemed that only people engaged in students associations have a real opportunity to take part in practical projects.

Project Idea

We decided that we will focus on that aspect and came up with an idea for a solution that will ease students taking their university knowledge and use it in practice.

In depth analysis of UX interviews, conclusion grids, quotes and data coming from further desk research led us to defining two personas:

Asia – smart, ambitious but too shy to start her own project and find people and funds to keep it going. She is very willing to join other’s projects though. She does not want to work in projects with people who are not equally engaged.

Jacek – lively, ambitious student who has many ideas for projects and would like to lead them all. The problem is: leading a project is a great responsibility with many challenges on the way. One of the biggest challenges is to find proper people for the job.

Ideation and Strategy

During Ideation and Strategy stages we used Business Model Canvas, Value Proposition Canvas, User Journey Mapping, User Story Mapping and many more workshop tools.

This resulted with a clear vision of the product shared among all team members. We also established our competition, business model, development directions and KPIs for the project.

Elevator Pitch

For students who want to broaden their practical knowledge, but do not know where to look for interesting projects, or do not know where to find people for their projects, we will create a responsive web platform which aggregates project ideas announcements, people interested in taking part in a project and experts that are willing to help with gaining a real life experience.

Modeling and Prototyping

Next step was to make sure that we all really have the same idea about certain solutions and the overall product vision.

Modeling stage was all about establishing the final MVP and creating tons of paper wireframes and wireflows combined with a very effective Design Studio workshops.

During prototyping part of the university studies we’ve learned how to effectively use Sketch and Axure. At the end we created a Mid-fi Axure prototype for our project.

Project gained a very rich interactivity and information architecure. Watch videos:

Jacek – the project creator is defining his new project.
Asia who wants to join an interesting project, can browse existing projects and choose the right one.
Students can rate colleagues from the team. In this scenario Asia rates Jacek. She confirms his competences and writes a comment about his leading skills.

Testing and Improving

The almost final step of the process was to test the prototype with real users. We found 10 students that were in line with project personas and tested mobile and desktop version of the prototype.

Next we gathered conclusions from the tests and implemented changes for all the critical and important issues.

Testers were truly thrilled that such solution might enter the market and help them learn and gain experience. They found the prototype very intuitive, easy to use, useful and understandable.

University project and beyond

Last step of the way is final presentation. Our main task is to “sell” the project to investors and convince them that this is a real game changer that should be developed and released to a public.

This might have been a university project, but thanks to a in-depth research, ideation, strategy building, modeling, prototyping and in detail testing combined with a divine expert supervision, I feel that GetExp! could really work on Polish market and be successfully used by students to broaden their knowledge, but…

As these were not real investors and this was not a real startup planning team, I will keep all the knowledge and experience gained during this course to truly step in UX Designer role and help my company change the world for better.

  • Axure
  • User Experience Design
  • UX Research
  • UX Testing

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